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This is Collin Reilly. Collin was diagnosed with a 5 cm brain mass  following a 2 week hospital stay to figure out
the cause of his failure to thrive. He had surgery  to remove as much of this fast growing mass as possible.  This
family REALLY needs your prayers and support for Collin.
Collin Reilly's Page
Collin Reilly's Page
Posted 12-13-10  The story behind the word Believe

For those of you who got them at the fundraiser, you've noticed that the bracelets have the word BELIEVE on them - there is
a story behind that word. I don't think I've shared it with very many people, and certainly not on this site. Since this is the
time of year to believe in things, I thought I would share the story.

The day after Collin's brain surgery in March, he was doing very well. They took him off the vent and he seemed to be doing
pretty well, considering what he'd been through. That night, I had a dream. I was playing with blocks with different letters
with them, trying to figure out what word they spelled so I could make a sign. Those letters ended up spelling the word
BELIEVE. That morning a few minutes after I woke up, Collin was having a seizure. Nurses, doctors, residents, students all
rushed in - the room was a sea of medical staff. I only looked up once from Collin and it was a scary sight to see so many
people in the room. It was just like you see in the medical shows, with doctors yelling out meds to give him to stop the
seizure. Once the seizure stopped, they gave him more meds so they could re-intubate him. They made me leave the room for
that, and when they were done, we rushed down to get a CT Scan. The only thing that kept me from falling apart was
remembering what I had just dreamed - I had to BELIEVE - that everything would be okay, that he would be a fighter, that
we would make it through this, and we did.

Even though he is blind and his left side is weak, Collin has made so much progress since his surgery. He's almost doubled
in weight - going from 12 pounds to almost 23 pounds. He's rolling over and sitting up on his own. He's starting to use his
left hand to reach and play with toys. He's even starting to stand up with support. I believe that Collin will do so much more
with his life - he's already proved just how amazing he is! I know that one day he will walk, that he will be able to play with
his brother Liam, that he will be able to eat food and will eat everything! I believe that he will change the lives of everyone
he meets just by being his amazing self. It may take a little longer to do some of these things, but I know he will do them
because he's a fighter! We continue to BELIEVE every day!